YAMAHA Nuage & Steinberg Nuendo 6 @ AES New York


Yamaha Commercial Audio will show Nuage and Nuendo 6 together at AES Show 2013 in
New York, October 17-20, booth No. 2623.

I will be coming over to NY for the show as well. Please let me know if you’d like to meet!


I would like to meet Timo but I’m not there. What I can say is I’m ready for Nuage to be available. If Nuage is the cats meow count me in.
Give us a real world report… thanks.

Hello Omega Arts,

thanks. I’ll figure out what exactly the situation is in the US. Where to see, try and buy Nuage.


Thanks Timo.

Hello Timo

Looking forward to seeing you and Nuendo at the Yamaha display. Welcome to New York.

Nuendo is Great
Jim Fox

+1 see you there.


looking forward to seeing you guys. I’ll be at the Yamaha booth Friday late afternoon hours and
from time to time on Saturday. I have quite a couple of meetings, but I believe we will find time to


I’ll be at the Yamaha CA booth tomorrow 1:00 pm if anyone like to meet.



visited a few times today but didn’t see you… Not to worry. A big show this time , nice to see.

However I was very disappointed at Yamaha’s presentation of Nuage, and absolutely no public facing evidence that Nuendo ( or Cubase) even exists.

Nuage was hidden away in a tiny windowed box at the back of the Yamaha booth… It had Nuage stickers on the windows admittedly, but the door was closed and there was never more than two people inside. It looked and felt like a private meeting room. It wasn’t … but it clearly didn’t yell ‘hey come and see!’ Even the room’s windows were too small to peer in from the outside. there wasn’t a mention of Nuendo or Steinberg anywhere to be seen, except on the back pages of the Nuage brochure which was at the back of the stand with the marketing for all of Yamaha’s myriad of other mixers.

I can’t believe there was no on screen demo of Nuendo … Maybe even running with Nuage. How is anyone even to know it exists? I’d be furious if I was SB… This is New York folks… ProTools as usual was in full demo mode at their stand, I saw Logic, Sonar, Fairlight, Sampletude, Studio 1 … All in use at various booths. Not once did I see Cubase or Nuendo. What’s up with that?

It’s the US sure, but if the parent company doesn’t fly the flag for their own brands how are new users ever to get interested? Let alone invest.

I’m never buying a Nuage, but Nuendo is another matter… Why isn’t there a more public face for the product as a real alternative to PT?

Wow, i’m amazed to read that.

I’ve done a lot of Trade Shows, and one thing you have to do is make your product visible so that anyone strolling by the stand who may be thinking of getting into bed with one of your competitors can be tempted to look at your own product first.


there are 2 Nuage and Nuendo 6 installations at the booth. The booth (32 and 48 faders) is very well placed at one of the entrances. If you go straight to the booth you cannot miss it. The second installation in the “box” is for experiencing the system in a more calm surrounding.



Agreed, the Yamaha booth placement is excellent. But with the release of such a major product I was looking forward to sitting and watching a Nuendo 6 demo on a screen, with a presenter… Old school but very effective to bring in new interest.

There’s a LOT of fader boards at AES and I thought Nuage was hidden in plain sight amongst them all. But it’s Nuendo that makes Nuage special. There should have bee NUendo banners everywhere. I’m a long time Nuendo user… But I love to sit and watch a really good workshop too. I just thought this year would be the Nuendo break out year… most video pros here don’t even know there is an option to ProTools so a sit down big screen demo is just a no brainer IMO.

But hey, maybe it’s a corporate culture difference …

Just my 2 c


Guess I missed the Nuendo instance running outside of the Nuage room… but that’s my point. Yamaha’s thrust was all Yamaha mixers. Assuming they thought Nuage was important ( though I still say they didn’t give a hint of that presentation-wise for the average attendee walking past ) there was no hint that the software making it do anything was significant. I asked if there were any any SB demos on show and a rep said ‘no’. That was it. I don’t think they even knew the DAW running behind Nuage wasn’t just built into Nuage! ( not the guy running the Nuage in the special room… He knew what was what ).

Years ago at NAB there was at least Greg Ondo holding up the Nuendo flag… all by himself. Shouldn’t there be 3 Steinberg reps at every AES / NAB with Nuendo shirts talking to people all the time? It’s called community building, brand recognition, getting potential new users into the family and showing that the creators of this wonderful software are excited too…

Over at the Slate booth ( smaller and less visible than Yamaha) that’s what they doing with their giant iPad virtual mixer thingy, and there was a constant line to see it. The SSL team are always there to chat and show off things. They know I’m not a customer now, but who knows what lies ahead ( well I do, but they don’t… Lol ). Audio Technica had guest NY producers ( serious Grammy award winners ) talking to the crowd about their workflow and the crowd lapped it up. There’s dozens of other examples.

Surely there are a couple of Pro NY / US Nuendo users who could have come and spoken to an information hungry crowd about their Nuendo workflows? Plenty would sit and listen. All you need is a laptop, projector and a screen. Oh, and a mic and powered speaker…maybe that’s what tripped Yami up … Ha ha. I assure you that you’d have got a great crowd just by demoing how to get a FCP X project into Nuendo in great shape for a post mix. ( yes it works and it’s great ). An ADR demo would have wowed them all… Seriously if no one else can do it PM me. :wink:)

I can tell you for a fact that young people starting off, messing around with media production in the US mostly don’t know what Cubase is, have no clue what Nuendo is and all want to learn Protools. I teach this stuff and fight the battle every day. Mostly I lose. What I saw , or didn’t see at AES, doesn’t help.

I’ll stop now.

I really want to see Nuage in action.
I’m not being nasty but I really don’t care about market share. I’m a very happy Nuendo user and I’m tired of mousing around. I want a console built for Nuendo. I’m in Florida. Where can I get hands on and BUY THIS THING?


thanks to those who have visited the Yamaha booth at the AES show. I hope you could spent some
time with the product specialists and got an impression of the Nuage controller system. We avoided
having “one” big demonstration instead focussed on 1:1 talks in order to explain the details of Nuendo
and Nuage.

Thanks also to those who came to the show to talk to me in person. It was a pleasure to meeting you.

Thanks again,


shame we didn’t met. But maybe we’ll get the chance sometime soon when I’m back in the US together with further Steinberg representatives. The control room GUI design won’t change in the next update that will be available around end of January. Regarding the key command, we might be able to add that option in a short period of time.