Yamaha product that the audio of the track is recorded in the interpretation in CUBASE

A pleasure to greet you. I have purchased 2 Yamaha products, a piano dgx 670 and a finger drum FGDP-50. Both have an audio interface included. When you open a section in CUBASE with any of the instruments using its interface and start recording, the audio of the track is mixed with the instrument’s performance. And when editing the performance of the Yamaha piano or the finger drums I cannot make my own changes to the sound because I have the mixed sound of the track.

I’d appreciate your help.

I would gladly try and help you with your issue, but I must admit, it is a bit hard to understand your post. Perhaps if we start with some basics. Cubase can record MIDI and audio. The two are unrelated. MIDI, which can be viewed as a digital form of sheet music in that it contains information on what to play but not what the performance will end up sounding like. MIDI can be recorded on MIDI Tracks or Instrument Tracks. For the sake of simplicity, use Instrument Tracks if you want the performance to be played back by a virtual instrument (VSTi) and use a MIDI Track if you want it to be played back on a physical, MIDI equipped instrument, such as synthesizer or your DXG 670.

If you could, please write a simple step-by-step of what you are doing and what results you expect and include screenshots.

I want to make the recording in AUDIO. I will send some images of the process.

  1. The first thing I do is select my Yamaha interface, it is the FDGP-50 finger drums.
  2. Then I do the interface routing.
  3. Then I add the Audio track with mono input and Stereo output. 4. Finally I start recording, as you can see in the image when I record the click and the background track are included. I cannot record the clean sound of the finger drum, and then edit it.