Yamaha products sharing driver

Hello, My problem is that I cant seem to get my digital mixer to stay online when I try to use my keyboard editor. Keyboard editor is for Yamaha Moxf6 and mixer is Yamaha 01v96i. Can they both share the Yamaha Steinberg driver? Is there a setup tweak I’m not tweaking? Both work fine on their own. Have downloaded latest driver.

Dell i5, windows10,Cubase11


Do you use the moxf6 editor as standalone application, or as a plug-in in Cubase, please?

Hello Martin,
I use the editor inside Cubase and when I synch it up my mixer drops as a controller. I have to re-load the driver without the moxf plugged in to get it back online.


Sorry, I haven’t use the editor for a long time… Is there any settings related to the Audio Device in the editor?

Just setting up the midi ports and I was using moxf port numbers as opposed to 01v port numbers, but that gets tricky as it often tells me ports not set up properly if I dont have that specific to the moxf.
Perhaps that is wherein my problem lies. :thinking:

I am bumping this with a little better explanation of my question.
I think I am running up against my lack of understanding of the relationship of the driver to the device and the DAW. I get the fact that only one device can have the driver in order to act as interface to the computer. I also can extrapolate a bit to determine that the driver will “assume” the device will be used as interface even if it is not, so sharing is not possible. I was hoping the way I am using the two products would possibly work. I use the 01v as audio interface with the moxf plugged in as an instrument.
What I want to be able to do is use the editor to control the moxf from the DAW as I was doing with my former setup. Former setup was MOTU mk3 interface with moxf plugged in and operate moxf from editor for sounds and to use remote weighted keypad controller. I just picked up the 01v and love everything about working with a digital mixer instead of the MOTU and have spent several weeks getting everything setup the way I like. The only problem is I cant use the moxf editor as I did before. I also love Yamaha products and can see myself getting something else I will eventually plug in and possibly want to be able to control via some form of editor software.
Does all this leave me with any hope of working with the moxf the way I was with my former setup?