Yamaha PSR-740 to Steinberg UR 22 Mk II to Mac

Hello there,

I have an old Yamaha PSR-740 keyboard, which I would like to connect to a Steinberg UR 22 MK II, and use as MIDI controller for an old Mac running OS 10.6.8 and GarageBand, as well as for an iPad Air, again using Garage Band.

The Mac perfectly recognizes the Steinberg, but if I connect the keyboard via a MIDI cable (MIDI out from the keyboard to MIDI in on the Steinberg), nothing happens. Same for the iPad. NB: “local control” on the PSR-740 is set on Off.

With my previous audio interface, a little iRig Pro, at least the iPad recognized the keyboard and I could play the iPad piano and synths via the PSR-740.

Is there something wrong in the connections? Or do I simply have to buy a new MIDI controller? :cry:
Please note that my knowledge of MIDI issues is absolutely basic.

Thank you for any help and advice,


I don’t use Garage Band, but, generically speaking, I would check the midi config in the daw I’m using.It’s really a 2-in-1 device, and the midi and audio are distinct from one another. The ipad probably defaulted to “all midi devices”, and maybe Garage Band defaults differently.

Thank you Steve,

I will check it out again tomorrow - greetings from Luxembourg!


Unfortunately, after a thorough check of all possible set-ups, I am still not able to activate this connection (I suppose the Steinberg would give some sort of sign if the MIDI connection would work). So I think I’ll give it up…


If the Mac detects the UR22, and the PSR-740 is sending midi, your daw should receive it. If it’s not, you should post a question in the support forum for that program, where people use the same software as do you.