Yamaha PSR-E323 in to cubase 10

Hi, I have an old Yamaha PSR-E323 that I want to use the sounds from in Cubase 10 How do I do this? I have seen for 2015 but not for Cubase 10.

How do you want to use the sounds? Do you want the Yamaha keyboard to be played back as a MIDI module by Cubase or do you want to record the audio output of the keyboard into Cubase? Or both?

Not sure what you mean by 2015…an older version of Cubase from 2015 (Version 8/8.5?)?

Both I think I want to connect the keyboard and use the sounds in the keyboard before this was done by itself I have used the sounds before in an older Cubase I have seen from the year 2015 how to use the keyboard to connect to Cubase but not for Cubase 10 and it not the same now. I think I use the midi device manager to install the device and then I can use the sounds from the keyboard. I will set up the thing to Yamaha PSR-E323 and then set the sound on my keyboard instead of the HALion Sonic SE.