Yamaha PSR- S keyboards and CB 9

Hi there,

Is there anyone who uses a Yamaha psr- s— keyboard with Cubase.

I can run it but the keyboard don’t sent the FX like delay of distortion to Cubase.
Am i i missing something in the settings from the keyboard or Cubase?

Regards Kimbo

Any one use external instruments with Cubase?

Please clarify which exact model of PSR and how this is all connected and integrated into Cubase.

I have a Yamaha psr-s970 keyboard.
With a USB cable to my desktop and 2 jack cables to my NI komplete audio 6
I have installed the device for the psr-s970 keyboard in cubase 9 so i can choose the presets of the keyboard.
But it is not fully working in CB 9 sometimes the FX from the keyboard is totally wrong.

I hope i can use it fully with Cubase 9.

If you are recording/listening audio via the NI komplete then the problem must be at the keyboard end?

When you say the FX are wrong…what does this mean …wrong compared to what??
If you listen to the keyboard with headphones is it the same or different than you’re hearing over the audio outputs?

I think that Cubase don’t send or receive the good information from my PSR-S970.
On the keyboard i can here the good sound/preset when i playing on it in Cubase.
But when im playing in cubase on my Komplete Kontrol keyboard the FX of that sound/preset are gone.

With FX in mean the FX on each sound/preset like decay, chorus, distortion exc.
A electric guitar comes whit a distortion FX but in cubase is that distortion gone.

Thanks for helping, and sorry for my bad english im a dutch man.

OK…This is nothing to do with Cubase. It is the rather odd way that the keyboard assigns it’s built in FX.

There is some discussion here which confirms that this happens when using any external controller.


I really can’t help any more than this without the keyboard here to play around with but seems like you need to look into the Voice Set/Effect settings.

Ok anyway thanks for your help.