Yamaha PSR s970 missing as midi drivers

Cubase 8.00.40
Hi Ive just purchased the new Yamaha PSR S970
I want to install it at Midi drivers, but in the list theres is only the older PSR s950. I thought that would go, but Cubase keeps on saying “Not Connected”. I used to run it with Tyros4 with no problems. Does Cubase need the EXCACT model? If so, is it posible to get an upgraded list to implement, and if not, does the PSR s970 figure in Cubase 9? B.R Kim maarup
(Has made a supportcase 9 days ago, but no response, so I try the “open”)

A quick thought…

Have you connected the keyboard to USB, the computer recognized it, and turned it on BEFORE starting Cubase?

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi PRock.
Thank you for a fast reply.
Actually, I connect via midi-cabels. I have tried to connect both before and after starting Cubase, - with no luck.
And with same procedure it worked with Tyros4