YAMAHA 'Reface' Countdown !


Something new from YAMAHA is coming our way. Here is a link to the product launch countdown :

Any guesses what Reface is all about ?

Surely, looking forward to something new, and exciting from YAMAHA, without the Motif label. and possibly a good amount of Cubase integration :slight_smile:


Interesting, please update when there’s more info :slight_smile:

Teaser marketing campaigns always annoy me.


Another teaser video will be posted tomorrow. So, maybe we get a few more clues. :slight_smile:

My wild guess is YAMAHA Reface is their new Modeling Synth System, that will be able to emulate their CS Analog line of the 70s, FM Synth of the 80’s, Vector Synths, and much more !

They will most likely announce YAMAHA Montage later this year, which will be their new Post-Motif Workstation. with some super cool features, and tight integration with Cubase/Nuendo. Hopefully it will be function as a great control surface for Cubendo.

So basically, a flexible synth (Reface) and a new Workstation (Montage). Which I feel is a very smart move from YAMAHA.

Exciting Times Ahead. :ugeek:

Yes, but this is an exception, especially since YAMAHA has not released a new synth. product for over a decade. I’m very excited, and having fun guessing what their teasers are going to reveal, gradually, it’s a bit of fun detective work. :slight_smile:

What can I say, I love YAMAHA Synths, and Steinberg’s too :smiley:


Looks like they are re-releasing the FB01 —ooh! :laughing:

Haha…ha … No they are not. :laughing:

looks interesting… i remember survey about 2 years ago from yamaha about new workstation.
pockets be prepared to lose weight :slight_smile: