Yamaha s90xs audio return ports


I’m playing the yamaha s90xs but I have some problems with audio mixdown exporting in Cubase AI6. When I use s90xs as a VST instrument I try to export the audio by the export option in the Cubase file menu but all the time I have to listen to the playback of the yamaha instrument by earphones connected in the instrument, not by Cubase and its PC soundcard. My audio return ports in the VST editor software are non-active. ‘‘I use ASIO full duplex driver’’ . I have installed ‘Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO’ driver but it doesn’t work.

Do I need some extra software/hardware?


You need to install the “Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver”. Then your Yamaha S90XS will work like an Audio Device. Why the installation of the driver doesn’t work?

After installing Yamaha Steinberg driver and trying to install the instrument driver via usb according the instructions I received ‘‘Device driver software was not successfully installed’’ system message.

In the device manager ‘‘YAMAHA S90XS’’ device blinks in yellow and you can see the other driver messages in the pictures below.

While I try to turn Cubase ASIO driver in Cubase to Yamaha driver I receive this :smiley:evice could not be opened’’


Is your S90XS connected to the USB 2 Port, please? Make sure, it’s not connected to the USB 3 port.

All my USB ports are 2.0 standart (Lenovo L420, Win 7 pro)

In any case, you need a working driver. You have to solve this.

Is the driver, you try to install, compatible with Windows 7? You should use [USB-MIDI Driver V3.1.4 for Win 32-bit (Win7 SP1 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win10)]](http://download.yamaha.com/search/detail/?site=europe.yamaha.com&language=en&category_id1=16277&category_id2=16381&product_id=1029664&asset_file_language=EN&asset_id=65806). Do you have the latest firmware installed? Do you install it with the Administrator permissions?

Yes, I have installed the USB-MIDI driver from Yamaha site and it works! The firmware update is available only for Mac users but Im a PC user

In an Yamaha users’ site I saw this refference:

‘‘The USB-MIDI connection is MIDI only. It does not allow you to route audio from the synthesizer into the computer. In order to transfer audio data in real time (i.e., record AUDIO TRACKS) you will need a separate audio interface.’’

Then I bought the mentioned kind of device - Steinberg UR22 and after that I solved my problem!