Yamaha Steinberg FW driver Issue iMac

Yamaha Steinberg FW driver keeps changing to 'In Built 'on my iMac. 4GHz Intel Core i7
Running OS Sierra.
Screen locks up …shuts down… reboots with 'Built In" entered in the Asia driver box.

The Yam Stein FW is still available and I just remove the Built In an enter the Yam Stein Driver…reset the connections and all is well until the next ‘episode’ ( about 2 times an hour)

I really like the MR816 csx and hope that that is not the problem.

Any help would be much appreciated…hope I have explained it well.


I can imagine that’s quite annoying yes.
How do you know it’s the FW driver that’s causing the lockup?
The fact that it’s changed to a different driver after a reboot might be an indication, but that’s not conclusive because Cubase doesn’t save its preferences if it’s not shut down properly.
Try setting up your driver and connections properly, and then quitting cubase manually. Start Cubase again and keep working until it crashes, and if the driver’s changed again after that, then it’s probably related to the MR816 or its driver.

I’m not a mac guy, there’s a chance the above is wrong, but it’s worth a shot anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Many thanks…I’ll give that a shot