Yamaha Steinberg FW interface and Cubase 9.5

I have a Motif Rack XS that WILL NOT transmit audio to Cubase 9.5, and I’m hoping someone can give me the super secret trick to making it work as advertised.

I’ve installed the latest FW driver for the Motif Rack XS, and turned the settings to:
Utility > General > mLan Monitor: with PC
Utility > General > IEEE 394 Driver: FW
Utility > Midi > Midi In/Out: mLan

I open up Cubase (Artist, 9.5), verify ASIO outputs are going to my firewire interface (Mackie Blackbird), load an instrument track and select the Motif Rack XS, the Motif Rack Editor pops up and connects, I verify that “With PC” is selected in the little lower-left ‘mLan Monitor’ box, verify my midi inputs, and attempt to play. I can see from Cubase’s 'Midi Activity" box on the lower right that the keys are triggering properly, but there is no sound.

What else must I do?
Sacrifice my first-born child???


If outputs are going to Mackie then I guess inputs are also coming from the Mackie…as you must have Mackie selected as your ASIO driver.
Motif is an audio interface. You can select Motif OR Mackie as your interface in Cubase but not both together unless you manage to fudge the drivers together with ASIO4all which might just about work but may cause other problems.