Yamaha steinberg usb asio

Hello, I would kindly like for some help. I recently installed Nuendo 12 but I have an issue with the output I have connected a Yamaha TF5 mixer bringing in several signals to the software through the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO, but I am not able to get any audio output from it since I am using a headphone but when I try in any other ASIO option I completely lose all the inputs that the Yamaha Steinberg is availing, kindly can you assist.

Hi @yoshibnye418

I found a YouTube Video in Spanish explaining how to setup Cubase with the TF5. Hope that helps?

The relevant part starts at 3:20.

I did try it and did all those steps but still nothing plus I don’t know if Nuendo and Cubase have different procedures while connecting a TF digital mixer