Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver - SDK?

I recognize this is the ASIO forum - which deals with audio. Taking a look at the SDK - there is little mention of MIDI - so the current ASIO SDK does not really apply to MIDI (nor should it, necessarily). I’m wondering if there is an SDK resource for the Yamaha/Steinberg USB driver for the Yamaha Montage which covers the MIDI side of the driver. The driver combines ASIO and MIDI - which is what brought me here.

I recognize that another route would be to use the VST SDK and access MIDI through that interface. However, I am wondering about the availability of the Montage USB driver for MIDI targeting standalone software which is not a plugin.

Thanks for the pointers.


Yes, ASIO is only for the audio stream.

Depending on your platform, you could use the OS native MIDI I/O.
On Windows (my platform), there is a family of API’s in MMSystem:
midiInOpen, midiInStart, etc. Use midiInNumDevs + midiInDevCaps
to find out what’s available. If your device supports MIDI, there
should be something you can recognize in that list.

Best Regards
// Neo