Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver

Intel Core i7-2600K running Windows7 SP1 32-bit with 16 GB Ram
Sound= E-Mu Audio Processor (WDM), Creative

Purchased Yamaha MOX8
Cannot get driver Yamaha/Steinberg YS_USB_V18-2_Win32 to run so cannot connect to computer and integrate with Cubase 6AI.
Reinstalled numerous times.
Windows recognizes Yamaha Synth but can’t find driver.
Manual install of driver produces Error 10, can’t start.
Tried installing as Administrator.
Driver will install if no hardware present, but upon hardware detection, error 10.
Installed it in safe mode and it blue screened me with reboot to normal mode.

There you have it, folks. I’m spooked, now.
Never seen a more astute and considerate forum, so I appeal to anyone who has experienced similar problem for help.


Version 1.8.3 came out in October , try that .

:bulb: Solved!