Yamaha Steinberg, why has there been little cross pollination of products in marketing and hardware? Controllers? Pads?

Is it a marketing decision based off analysis that it would be counter productive in the sense that, people all have their own brands of controllers and keyboards that can be integrated with Cubase and being too heavy on Yamaha products would not be welcoming to Roland, Korg, Novation, etc, etc users?

Eitherway, even without marketing, I’m surprised there isn’t more hardware based off this relationship, it seems to limited to AD/DA interfaces and VCM based VST plugins.

I think a Drum Machine with deep and smart integration into Cubase and Groove Agent should be a priority, more so over a keyboard controller. And it would also double as DAW controller, could even have internal sound capability feature Yamaha keyboard synth engines and samples as well as Steinbergs own content and VSTi synths.