Yamaha Studio Manager UI unusable

From the new menu bar I can click devices then studio manager. The studio manager window UI opens but there is a white bar covering the menus. Also the Studio manager window cannot be moved around as in previous Cubase versions.

The Yamaha Studio Manager is useless in V8 so I will be going back to 7.5 because I need to sync the mixes back to my DM2000 console.


When you click around the white bar you sometimes click and the menus try to show. I can then sync to and from my DM2000VCM. Now when I close the song then the top menu to close Cubase, Cubase crashes each time.

I confirm the same issue with studio manager in V8 and my 01V96VCM

Same here with 02r96v2 Can’t use it until next update that I hope it will be very soon… :cry:

This issue remains… Let us pray that steinberg will address this issue!