Yamaha SY99 Cubase program selector

To get Cubase 11 Program selector to work with Yamaha SY99 ) 1st of all you have to have the SY99 Patch scirpt installed into cubase 11 Do a search online for Cuba’s patch
scripts and how to install. Go-midi device manager Highlight Yamaha Sy99 press open device At the top of that window you will see an E" for edit Device Open that and highlight patch bank At the top of that window you would see create bank And a Box says enable edit.’ click that Box. Down below you will see folders under the patch Bank list. Under patch bank , the first folder on the left side there is a arrow press that arrow pointed to the folder saying set 2. Under that you will see (off) highlight off and to the right a page list will open up Saying Midi message name) value) Valid Range) midi message bytes) Under midi messages name click to open the window Go down and select( bank select 14 bit).
Go back to your left side section you will see Folder call voice, click on The folder voice and you will see under the folders (off") highlight (off) and do the same thing You done Above .