Yamaha TF1 / Cubase Control Room multi-monitor speaker setup issue

Hi, I have a Yamaha TF1 digital mixer, and am using it as the audio interface for Steinberg Cubase 10.5. I am setting up the Control Room feature in Cubase. I have my main studio monitor speakers connected to the main stereo out of the TF1 (OMNI OUT 15/16), and a secondary pair of monitors to OMNI OUT 9/10. I have two monitors defined in Control Room, one going to USB inputs 1&2 and the other one to USB inputs 3&4 of the TF1. I can successfully use Control Room to select which of those two USB input pairs the Cubase output signal gets routed to - so far so good.

If I select Control Room to play back over the main monitors (connected to USB inputs 1&2), I will hear the Cubase playback over my main monitors (only) - so that works as it should. However, when I select playback over USB inputs 3&4, I will hear the Cubase output play back over both the secondary monitors connected to OMNI 9/10 (which I have that USB input channel pair routed to), but also over the main monitors (the main stereo bus output on OMNI 15/16).

I can manually mute the stereo bus on the TF1, and that will mute the main monitors, but I would like this to work completely via Control Room without manual muting. How can I set up that secondary monitor so that when I select it via Control Room, the first monitor doesn’t play? This might very well be something that needs to get sorted within the TF1 configuration, but I couldn’t find a Yamaha forum discussing the TF1, so I was hoping another Cubase user who uses the TF1 as their audio interface might be able to help me. I’d appreciate any suggestions very much!

You have to take the tracks that get the USB input 3&4 off the Master / Main out in the TF1 channel routing.

How do I set up the TF1 to control cubase? Or does it not have that feature? I’m only talking fader control etc…

That is, unfortunately, not possible. In theory, Steinberg and Yamaha could collaborate (since they’re both the same company :slight_smile: ) and make this happen - turn the TF1 into a control surface for Cubase, motorized faders and all, but in practice, they haven’t. One can hope!