Yamaha tf5 only providing two channels

Hi everyone,

I recently got a Yamaha TF5, after following the instructions I installed the Steinberg Yamaha drivers (version 1.9.6).
However my computer only sees the desk as 2 channel in/ 2 channel out in the audio devices properties.

When I try open the audio interface in any recording software I only receive any signal on the first two channels, that is if it opens the interface at all with more channels. I have tried both Audacity and Reaper, both capable of multi-channel recording.

Any ideas would be helpful.

Are you using the usb “B” output socket on the mixer ?
( usb “A” is thin and flat , usb "B"type is squarer )

It seems that the “A” shaped one only allows 2 channels , the “B” shaped one gives 34 .

Yes, I am using the USB B on the back. Plugging it into a mac it provides the 34 channels. On pc I only see 2.

For further information, I have tried upgrading to 1.9.8 with no luck.
I am trying to use Windows 10 if that makes a difference.

hi there, I just got a TF3 and ran into the same issue - did you perhaps manage to get it sorted ? If so how did you fix it?


Same issue with new TF1. Any ideas on a fix? This is a huge issue for my setup so any help is appreciated!

what OS are you using?

Tried windows 7 and 10. Gives same results, only 52o channels visible. If i use the nuendo live software with its dongle then i see all the channels but only in this software, no other software, they only pick up channels 1 and 2

I have the exact same problem with my TF1 console. I’m running Windows 10. Tried a view programs such as audacity, without succes. Does anyone have a solution?

Hello, new to the forums.

**Was there ever a resolve for this issue? Hoping for a fix that doesn’t involve a complete reinstall on everything.

I’m right there with y’all. Just started with a TF3 and Audacity can’t get any channels from it. Driver installed on windows 7 but nothing via usb b from TF3 to usb a on pc. (not exactly same issue but GRR!

Can we please get some feedback! any help?