Yamaha Thr II recording channels


I have a Yamaha thr II amp connected to an iPad Pro via usb. I hear that the thr outputs 4 channels over usb (2 wet and 2 dry) however in Cubasis 3 so far I can only record it as 1 channel , either mono or stereo channel.

Is the 4 channel feature compatible with C3 and if so is there something I need to do to enable it. Or, is this 4 channel feature only available on Mac/pc DAWs

Many thanks


Hi Jed,

Thanks for your message.

Congratulations to the Yamaha THR II amp, which seems to be a great choice.

Please have a look at the routing example in our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial, to learn how to connect your THR II amp with Cubasis and select the available channels for recording.

In case, you use Cubasis LE, please note that the available inputs/outputs are limited to 2/stereo.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Lars

I always appreciate your quick response. I am quite familiar with the routing set up in C3 as in the videos that you have linked to. I have a focusrite scarlet 2i2 which, when connected, presents in C3 as 2 separate channels. I was expecting/hoping my Thr II (which is excellent) to offer 4 channels to chose from but there is only 1 channel, either mono or stereo. My basic research suggests that if you use a Mac or pc and install a driver then (I think) you get 4 channels of input. Is this available in C3 ?

I have not connected my Thr to a Mac or Pc so I cannot personally say that it truly presents as 4 channels in a DAW but general youtube/internet seems to suggest it does

Any insight is most welcome


Hi Jed,

our friends at Yamaha provided me with the following information for you:

The USB Audio of the THR-II series provides 2 in/2 out only, it’s not possible to use 4 channels. But you can select the WET/DRY output sound via the THR Remote Application.

In addition, here is the link to the THRII manual for further information:

Hope that helps!


Hello Lars, this does help, but I’m still not 100% clear.

The article says you can have a 2 channel input from the Thr into Cubase AI (L and R) and you mention that in the Thr app you can specify whether you output a wet or dry signal. So far so good.

My original question was whether I can get the same 2 channel input into Cubasis 3 on my iPad. When I connect the Thr to the iPad via usb I just see one channel but I have the choice of recording either mono or stereo, but this is not the same as 2 separate channels.

I appreciate iPad Cubasis 3 will not have all the same features as the desktop app, I was just hoping there might be away of seeing 2 separate channels on the iPad

Thanks again for you help so far


Hi Jed,

Do you use Cubasis LE 3 or the full Cubasis 3 version?

Cubasis LE 3 is limited to 2 ins/outs, while Cubasis 3 supports up to 24 ins/outs, depending on the hardware device in use.

Please have a look at our Getting started clip, to learn more about how routing works in Cubasis.

Best wishes,

Hello Lars,

I use full fat C3 not LE. For comparison when I attach my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 I have the choice of 2 channels through the routing option. When I attach the Thr II only one channel is available (but can be mono or stereo as desired)

I will have another check t make sure I am not making a school boy error here .

Is there anything in the settings>audio that needs to be configured or is it simply plug and play?