Yamaha, Were is my missing activationcode?


I noticed here on the forum that others have had problems when trying to activate
Nuendo5.5.3… I have sent two mail to Yamaha/Support but no respons.
I have a Licenserkey, recently upgraded from N4 to N5.
Installed both version 5 and the update 5.5.3 but the late asks for activationcode, somthing I do not have.
Is there any other way to recieve the code or shall i hope for Yamaha?
Someone with the same experience maybe is willing to give a little help?

Best Regards/micke S./Sweden


Did you update your Nuendo to 5.5 version first, before the 5.5.3? What was your boxed (first installed) version? 5.5.3 is update from 5.5, not from 5.0.

Hello Micke,

do you still have no activation code?


Hi Timo!

Me and the family has been away so here is my late answer…

YES, I still need the activationcode for the 5.5.3 version!

The best/Micke Söderlund

Hello Micke,

did you check your MySteinberg account for the code?


I placed an activation code for Nuendo 5.5 into your MySteinberg account.


Now I got the code,
Great and friendley THANK`s to you Timo and Ed,

The Best/Micke S.