Yamaha YPT-310 MIDI connects, but cannot control input notes

Hi all,
My Yamaha YPT-310 is connected via USB MIDI to my laptop running Cubase 5. The software correctly reads the connection to my MIDI keyboard (see attached image). However, when I try using my keyboard to control creating notes on a MIDI track, nothing happens! That is, hitting C on my keyboard results in no sound from my VST. However, hitting C on the piano roll within the VST results in expected playback. I had successfully connected my keyboard to Cubase 5 before, but this was about 1 year or 2 ago. I cannot figure out how to get the setup to work. Looking forward to your replies.


Hi and welcome,

I can see any activity on the meters of the track. Was it by using the Piano Roll keyboard?

Is it the same, when you select “All MIDI Inputs” as an Input?

Can you see incoming MIDI Activity on the Transport Panel?

Can you try to switch On the Monitor (speaker) button, please?