I want to set up MIDI remote control for 01V96i fader automation. In Device manager I can not find MIDi device for 01V96i. There is only MIDI device for 01V96V2. Would this work with 01V96i ??? There is no mention in Cubase LE6 manual how to set up communication with 01V96i. Thank you for any help and advice.

I think you should play it safe and use the Generic Remote to setup any controller that Cubase doesn’t include presets for. Not sure if LE 6 has this option. Just thought I might say that, but I know nothing about this. Never fear, the experts will be around shortly! :wink:

You really should read your Yamaha manuals…

Maybe I have the same problem, bur with Studio Manager. SM in Cubase 6.5 doesn’t see my 01V96i in its workspace. It seems to be a problem with 64 bits version of Windows (it works with Windows XP 32). No response by Yamaha or Steinberg about it. I’m a little annoyed.