Yamahan 01v96v2 as DAW controller (control ch 17-32)

I have my 01v96v2 hooked up to Cubase 5 pro. I Can control channels 1-16 with no issues.
How does one control channels 17-32 for mixing ?
Can’t seem to find a workaround for it. If it is in the documentation, I don’t see it or don’t understand it.
Any help is welcome.

Cubase 5 pro
Windows 10 pro
Yamaha 01v96v2 mixer
Steinberg nuendo audiolink 96 digiset adat interface

example: channels 1-16 using Superior Drummer midi I/p, channels 17-27 used for audio instrument and vocal recording. Would like to use 01v96 to control Cubase during mix.