YamahaN8 dissapearing act

Hi, does anyone know why my Yamaha N8 Cubase ready light comes on with Cubase 7 but does not come on with Cubase 6?..and this has happened suddenly, yesterday everything working fine on both 6 and 7, today it will not connect with 6 and unfortunately at the mo 6 is better to use than 7…any thoughts?help appreciated, I know there is a huge thread on Gearslutz and have just spent an hour looking through it but found nothing relevant to this particular problem…Kevin

Hello Shadowfax

Is Cubase 7 open when you are trying to use the N8 with Cubase 6?
If so; You need to mark the box: “Release Driver when the Application is in the Background”.
Go to Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System
If that does not help, then perhaps you simply need to uninstall the N8 drivers and the extension as well, then reinstall the latest Tools from the Yamaha website.

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thanks for the reply guillermo, I wasn’t aware that both 7 and 6 could be open at the same time so it wasn’t that…however, while going through what you have suggested I noticed that in the VST audio system page “no asio driver” was selected…dunno why it’s suddenly not selected it’s never happened before and I never thought to look there, just assumed it was a driver problem, so I selected the N8 driver and everything is fine, wish I had a brain, thanks, Kevin

while I’m here have you any idea why the tracks i select to be part of a group track keep de selecting themselves and going back to stereo input?..driving me nuts

Hello shadowfax,

That is most strange, on what version of Cubase are you?
Please make sure you have the latest update installed.
If that does not fixes it perhaps you have to delete the preferences of Cubase:


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