Yay for 4.0.10 update!

Something I’ve noticed that’s not in the Release Notes: there’s a new “Band” sorting order for staves, as well as “Orchestral”.

Who knows what other hidden goodies there might be!


It’s much more stable too.


Great stuff Dorico team. As ever making music engraving history.


And on my system, seems quite a bit faster!

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You know, I did something after I opened it up for the first time and paused to myself and thought, “wow… that seemed really snappy.” but I dismissed it as placebo effect. Perhaps I wasn’t making it up after all. I normally don’t think much about Dorico’s performance, since most of my files are small and everything I do is basically instantaneous… but that one thing (changing a layout orientation) happened faster than I could blink.

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The new way of updating is very smooth and clean indeed!


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I suspect I’m missing a trick. I updated from the Steinberg Download Assistant and it seemed to me to be no faster or slower than usual.

Whatever - thanks for the update.

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To be clear, I don’t mean to imply that there’s something drastic going on between 4.0 and 4.0.10; I just wondered if a few little extra optimizations had been made. I’m on my rather old iMac, which is why the instantaneity of the operation surprised me. Either way, I’m just grateful it is so much more stable and the lyrics bugs have been rectified. They were eating me alive.


Bene, però questo (vedi allegato) non è ancora stato corretto; speriamo nella prossima versione.

I am beyond thrilled with the Dorico 4.0.10 update. The update process went smooth as silk and the program is very stable and responsive. Congratulations to the entire Dorico team for getting this update out so quickly after the initial release of Dorico 4. I can’t imagine the kind of pressure you must have been under as you worked on this update, which only adds to my appreciation for the outstanding job you have done.


I concur @hamhm3 . The desire for the Dorico team to make this the best notation software on the planet is palpable. Listening to the user base and implementing changes. Their tenacity and work ethic is unmatched! I moved from Sibelius in 2020 when Dorico was 3.5. With V4, we have arrived!

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Unfortunately not every problem reported in Dorico 4.0 could be fixed in Dorico 4.0.10, but we felt it was imperative to get an update out to our early adopter customers that fixed as many problems as possible, as quickly as possible. We are planning another update before the end of this month, and it is our intention that any remaining problems that have been reported will be fixed in that update. I understand it can be frustrating if a problem that affects you in particular has not been fixed, but please rest assured that we are diligent about tracking and fixing these problems.


Daniel and Team,

Your continued diligence and support of users is greatly appreciated! Thank you all for this update - amazing to see that there is another expected soon :slight_smile:



State facendo un lavoro stupendo ed io comprendo benissimo che ci vogliono i tempi giusti per risolvere tutti i problemi. Complimenti ancora. Grazie!
Buon lavoro.