Yay, my new CD is now available :)

Aye, tis true, The Dome of Clement is now available here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/philter2# :sunglasses:

If you’re buying the CD, I believe CD Baby offer the option of shipping without the jewel case, you still get the artwork but the postage is reduced. Great idea :sunglasses:

Thanks to all the folks that gave me help on these songs, it was invaluable help in some instances. I thank you, you know who you are :sunglasses:


Dome: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/philter2#

I will definitly check it out. I doubt I have given you any help but I owe you for all the help you have given me.

Good luck

Good show, Phil. Best of luck with the release. :sunglasses:

+1 to that :sunglasses:

nice one Phil! Why on Earth would you want to release a CD though?? :mrgreen:

Best of Luck fella!!!

+2 :smiley:

The very best of luck with it! Off to check it out now :slight_smile:


Thank you all for the best wishes :sunglasses:

Hey Michael, sometimes people can say something others may overlook. There was a massive amount of reverb on one of the tracks that needed sorting and this a few days after I’d told you to back the reverb off a tad :laughing:
It’s all good :sunglasses:

Cheers all

Cool, Phil. Good luck.
May this be the release that causes philter to be a household name! :sunglasses:

Good luck Phil. :sunglasses:

Congratulations and Best of Luck with your release Phil :smiley:

Sounding good! Cheers

Thanks again chaps :sunglasses: Sales are quite steady just now too which is good. It tends to get a bit crazy come iTunes time, then it kind of drifts off for a bit, then it’s a mess of royalties, then it settles down a tad. All that in 15 minutes. Crazy :laughing:

I have a young girlfriend, although I am not so young. She is 19, and I am in my 50’s.

She does not own a CD player, although she has a DVD player on her laptop.

I am wondering if there will be an alternative delivery method in the future, or if the rest of the world has pretty much handed us a pink slip. :cry:

Awesome, Phil. Congrats on the latest release. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tom :sunglasses:

Already is. I drink philter coffee to the exclusion of all else. :sunglasses:

BTW, those nice folks at CD Baby say mine’s in the post. :smiley:

Yeah, really nice comment from Lenny :sunglasses:
And a great gesture from you Dave, many thanks.

The album downloads became available this weekend and a nice person in Seoul bought a few tracks too. I also won the Grand National sweep at work, I got the first and second horse. Don’t get many weeks like this, the drinks are on me :smiley: