Years later....

After a few years of requesting this small feature C 10.5.12 STILL does not have it!

Bounce ( render ) MIDI EVENT to SELECTED TRACK

Both Logic and Studio One has this option but the Render in Place in Cubase always creates a new unnessasary track with each bounce.

what would be the great thing about it? to get a tracked bounced into a channel that already has effects loaded?

Many times…over and over in fact I need audio event versions from midi instrument tracks ( not the whole track ) to manipulate…sound design, There are existing designated audio tracks for those audio events…so why create a new audio track with every bounce? Waste of time having to go and move that new bounced audio event up to it’s rightful position then delete the useless newly created audio track…every time!

I wonder if your workflow is a candidate for a macro or two. I’m not a heavy user of them at present, but perhaps that would speed things up for you.

Thanks Chris. Yes I did attempt once but didn’t get far.

In Cubase you can drag a midi event to the Sampler Track window and it automatically renders it to audio.
So why not have drag a midi event to an existing audio track to automatically render to audio?

That would be helpful…MEGA!

This post sparked my interest. I agree with your feature suggestion. I came up with a workaround though that may or may not be useful. If you chop all your midi segments before rendering then select them all and render they will all render to the same audio track. Doesn’t work for multiple midi tracks though.

Also, you could route the midi track audio output to a specific audio track and bounce live.

Orrr, setup Halion and do all your resampling into there.

I don’t know what you are doing exactly but I resample a lot and these are the things I do.

This is very special…
Don’t see a “problem” here…

select event
(Select new track)


A macro would be a nice solution for this too.

Studio One has this feature, and is great! :slight_smile:

Yes Studio One has the drag to specific audio track to initiate a bounce which is great!!

And Logic Pro has an option to select a specific audio track when bouncing ( rendering to audio )

Logic Pro

Studio One goes one step further as you can convert it back to midi anytime. Awesome feature.

Agreed. Seems logical like S1 and Logic to have this. I don’t want extra tracks as well.

Render In Place? The name even says it does that


Here’s another thread with the same request.

I’d love it if there was a render to new version too.

I like to use melodyne ARA, but it’s too limited to keep the audio in that altered form - so I render to new track - create a new version on the original and drag the rendered audio to the new version.

There is still a bug where it can play audio from the original version until you flick through the different versions again.

Studio One sure is pretty looking too :smiley:

Thanks Rino! It’s great for bouncing from audio but unfortunately this won’t work on a midi event bouncing to a specific designated audio track. The only way I can see so far is the Render in Place function which always creates a new track.

Cubase already have it, just make sure you UNSELECT any audio/midi event. then push render in place (you can assign key command) and Cubase will bounce selected track.

BUT if any of event selected, Render in place only render this event.