Yellow Tools Engine and Cubase issue

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use Yellow tools Engine VST along with Cubase. Specific libraries I have are Titan and Cinematique instruments.

My issues is, with either version of Engine whether it be 1.04 or 2.0, if I have 2 instances of Engine open, it will crash my whole computer. From what I have been able to see, since the computer locks up is, playback will just stop and I will no longer hear anything even if it still continues to play, my internet will stop working and say its disconnected—wierd, and cubase will stop responding to the point of having to manually restart my computer. This doesnt happen with any other vst I own and its becoming extremely annoying considering I paid good money to have those libraries. Is anyone else having similar issues to this or is it something else? I am using the latest and greatest versions of Cubase. I’ve tried contacting yellow tools but they havent gotten back to me yet. Any suggestions or concerns are much appreciated!

Here are system specs only listing items in use for audio:
Win7 64 bit
Cubase 64 bit
Engine 2.0 (yellowtools) Library-Cinematique instruments
Q9400 2.7 CPU
Asus Rampage extreme motherboard
8 gigs mushkin ddr2
OT OMEGA Claro + Sound card --ASIO4all drivers (latest version)
WD caviar black 2x 1tb drive
WD Raptor 2x 150 gig drive (raid 0)
Logitech 5500 5.1 speaker system
Korg workstation 88key weighted
M-audio 88es keystation

Hi there,

I’m experiencing the same issue.
Just a couple of days ago, I purchased and installed Engine 2 with Epic World and Forest Kingdom.
Since my first instrument load, I started hearing (now and again) a few noises and cracks, not many but nevertheless annoying. So, I spent some time to adjust all the audio settings. Everything went, apparently, right.

Then, opened Cubase 6.0.2 and loaded Engine 2 with 4 instruments (layers) and recorded 3 tracks. As I was going to record the fourth track, Cubase crashed and this was my first (and painful) application crash.

My computer is a good one, optimized for audio: i7-950; 8-Core; 24 GB HyperX DDR3 Ram; Windows 7 Pro X64bit; HDSPe RayDAT audio interface…etc…
I can run large orchestral projects using many instances of Kontakt 4 and EWPlay at the same time, with very demanding patches and samples (Pianos, SO Platinum Plus, LA Scoring Strings…) without any problems.
Engine 2, that seems a poor thing if compared to other players, put Cubase k.o.

I’m going myself to open a ticket with Yellowtools support, but I’m not so sure about receiving an answer…

Did they answer you?

All the best,


No. They haven’t yet. I gave up with it. I can’t load more then 1 without it really messing up the system. I am hoping they get updates or patches. It sucks. I think cinematique instruments is a wonderful collection and I can’t use it :frowning:

Hi there,

bad news then…

Anyway, I too have Cinematique Instruments, but I use it with Kontakt 4. Can’t you use that instead of Engine?

I reckon the library can be also opened with Kontakt Player 4, which is free:

I’m not sure if you need the full version of Kontakt. I would ask…

Yesterday I’ve tried again to make some recordings with Engine inside Cubase 6.0.2 and nothing terrible happened…Now I have a “song” with Engine and 4 layers on.

I’ll keep you posted.



I have Kontakt (Komplete 7) but the Cinematique instruments library is in Engine format… that .yik extension or something. I have some instruments in Kontakt but those are extra instruments designed for that player.

If you know where to dl it for kontakt i would love to know!

BTW, side note: If you dont have cinematic guitars from sample logic…i suggest getting it…it is stunning and very expressive. A good collection to have in any library.

I purchased (direct download): German Monochord, Alto Glockenspiel + Tuning Fork, Celtic Nylon Harp, Kantele, Autoharp, Percussion Multi Set and Metallic Objects. All of them playable with Kontakt.
Then they must have re-issued the library powered by Engine…
If the extension is .yik, by no means it would work in Kontakt.

When you say: “If you know where to dl it for kontakt i would love to know!”, what do you mean? What “dl it for Kontakt” means?

Please, let me know.

Dl = download.

I spoke with a rep from CI and they said they can crossgrade it. The engine version came out first and it was later adapted to NI. I might just buy it again and forget engine…which sucks cause I have titan synths but that doesn’t work at all…I’ve followed the install doc like 50 times and no luck.


If I remember well, I downloaded CI directly from their site, but now is all changed.

I purchased Epic world and Forest kingdom. Eduardo Tarilonte (the guy responsible for those softwares) used to work for BelaDMedia, who produced very good stuff for Kontakt. Then he went to Best Service and, I presume, was forced to switch to Engine…the usual boring business extortion. A blackmail. I hope, anyway, they will come out with a fresh Engine 2 update!

Kontakt 4 is well stable and reliable. To me, the best sampler ever and CI work just great with it.

Cool, I will be getting it for Kontakt! Thanks for bringing this back to my attention. I wasn’t even aware it was for Kontakt until now! I agree, Kontakt is amazing.