Yep, it's good! :)

I finally got my copy yesterday. Obviously I’ve only had that amount of time to fiddle around with it, but “Waow!”, what a plug-in. Absolutely fantastic. A bit intimidating at first, mostly because of the “new’ity” of it, but once I realized the organization of the modules (and the terminology used, i.e. as in nomenclature) it really is quite straight forward.

I had used HALion Sonic since it was released so I was somewhat familiar with terms from it, but H4 has a very different layout of things, and as mentioned, a much more flexible scheme of the layout. Though I am sticking with Default “Screen Set” for now, until I am more familiar with it.

Tonight I created a bass (just using the “VA” synthesizer) a’la Depeche Mode “Master and Servant” (the deep bass that play in 8th’s throughout the song) with one oscillator (plus three F/X) and it was an intuitive process for me.

VERY nice, Steiny, and congratulations! (And to me, on my purchase, lol)

At present I have one question though (have not looked in the manual yet, since it’s electronic I tend to not read them as much unfortunately). Is there a way to re-order the sections in the Sound tab (or anywhere, I guess will be the question eventually)?

Oh and one more question… is there a way that I can from Cubase (on a H4 Instrument Track) to be able to use the media bay selector (like in HALion Sonic) instead of from a 128 slot rack?

(I understand that H4 is different than HS of course, but it sure would be nice to be able to select from ALL H4 sounds instead of needing to create a slot rack of 128 sounds when all I want is a sound for a track.)