'Yer Mom III' reincarnated as 'Ernest T. Bass'?

Well, it took quite a long while for ‘Yer Mom III’ to become a “Guest”.

I wonder how long ‘Ernest T. Bass’ will last.

You’re all too sensitive. Get over yourselves and he’ll go away.
Comedians don’t like being laughed at.
With, yes.

I’ll last as long as I choose, just like in yer mom’s case. There’s a difference in getting guested and guesting yourself. :wink:

Hi Ernest!

Is the piccie in your avatar you? If so, how old is that piccie? Because, if so, you look a LOT like Phil Collins …when he still had hair … and still played drums. :wink:

jump in the fi-ah,
Fire too hot, jump in the pot,
Pot too black, jump in the crack,
Crack too high, jump in the sky,
Sky too blue, jump in canoe,
Canoe too shallow, jump in the tallow,
Tallow too soft, jump in the loft,
Loft too rotten, jump in the cotton,
Cotton so white she stay there all night.

I believe the member has been “frozen” (as opposed to guesting) since there have been no daily posts/rants.

Oh, I thought that was Grateful Dead song. :laughing:


You are correct. It wasn’t voluntary either. :smiling_imp:

Seems that way.

Nate does have a life besides here :unamused: