Yes, 7.0.6, this is the way to do it!

This is soo good, what Steinberg did with 7.0.6.

Announcement several weeks before, and then taking care that release is REALLY available on the day that it was announced. Making it available the previous afternoon is the way to go. Thus those who come and look at release date, even 1 minute after midnight, have it all there waiting for them.

Thumbs up to Steinberg all the way! This is the way to do it!
Rally happy here.


Now 7.07 will have to be released two days earlier to meet the new expectation :laughing:

Or two days late to set us back on schedule. :slight_smile:
(sine wave mentality)


Or maybe even a YEAR early, like 7.0.0.


Do you think the (Iā€™m assuming) payable 7.5.0 update will be released by the Holidays?


Just kidding, of course. Or, am I? :stuck_out_tongue: