Yes, again, Steinberg support... (mostly regarding 10.5)

I have 3 tickets open, nothing which holds me off from working but these are known GUI issues, many times reported here as well and only one was touched (closed) today after more than 20 days. Also the response to my closed ticket was not really promising, as it sounded like it was seen as a single user complaint (this was about the display of the channel strip boxes in the mixer under Windows 10).

Also, when looking into the Issue subforum I am missing acknowledgements from Steinberg’s side.
Feels again that they are not willing to talk to their user base what’s going on and how things are handled.

I am already afraid of the next update which may not even consider most of the feedback users are willing to give to the company.
We’re addicted to this product, don’t they understand? We want it to be perfect and are giving valueable help imho.
I think anyway that there is only one path which is their ticket system via MySteinberg. Hope everyone is using it or going to…just you have to bare with the slowness.

@Steinberg: please talk to us (more!!) :slight_smile: Thanks and fingers crossed good thing will come for or even before Christmas :wink:

Best regards