YES!!! amazing power increase on mac mini

8 IS AMAZING … the power increase on my mac mini is awesome … songs that were struggling are making it thru a mix with ease one song i just remixed was using 1024 for latency and now its 256 i could even drop it further cause at 256 I’m only using half of the bandwidth i now have …

Awesome job here steinberg i knew i stuck it out from the begining of cubase all these years for a reason i think 8 is that reason !

Aloha A,

Really nice to hear/read!

Several months ago there was a response (to a post) from one of the mods about Steiny doing
some specific Cubase work pertaining to efficiency on the Mac.

Here is what mod ‘Guillermo’ posted:

We are actually working to improve the performance on the Mac, ASIO-guard was designed to improve the performance on the Mac, but it is only the beginning and the base technology of what should be.

Find that thread here:

Perhaps what you are seeing is a result of that work.

Good Luck!

It is indeed great, but not compatible with Vienna Ensemble (yet), so I’m still dreaming of this breakthrough moment. Glad to read its working well for some.