Yes Behind The Dike of Holland (Guitar)

Yes Behind The Dike of Holland (Guitar) - Vanhaye
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So nice. I had the privilege of living in Amsterdam for a number of years, and this video generated a lot of nostalgia. Is that Linda de Mol at 00:50? I was trying to remember. I loved the skating picture. I skated on the canals of Amsterdam (I think only one winter that I was there). I even think you included a shot of the street I lived on or nearby (Stadionkade)! When there was a game at Olympische Stadion, the cars on my street looked like the wind blew them there. When Ajax won the UEFA Cup they floated down our canal, which was pretty cool!

Anyway, I love your Fender guitar sounds, this one sounds like position 4.

Whatever, just a great sound.

Thanks for posting it.

Nice tune and vibe, which is certainly a bit of a love letter to your wonderful Holland. I like the composition and performance, and the Strat sounds and understated whammy bar are really effective. Hope you got to skate on the canals recently, if that’s your thing.