Yes, the current drivers work on MacOS Catalina

I decided to take the plunge, and I got the current Yamaha drivers to work.
That is to say, after the obligatory OS upgrade reboot, it didn’t work. But then I uninstalled the driver via the “Uninstall Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver” app downloaded, rebooted, installed the driver, rebooted, and now everything seems to work just fine.

Attached is the proof of concept image.

Hi, probably a silly question but did you test playback?

I see a similar picture to you and almost on the exact same device (my Mac is late2015 and UR22mkII)

i notice that your device isn’t showing as ‘USB’ type?

I see the following

notice 2 x devices one of type USB - weird…

I can play through Mac if i select the USB as mac output but as soon as i try and open cubase or launch the preferences pane from within settings the USB one disappears and although i can select the non USB one when opening cubase i can’t hear any sound from it.

This is what i see when attempting to start cubase

then when i try and select the option steinberg ur22mkII (the non (2) option)

hmm can’t seem to add another attachment here but i get a pop up stating

“The audio driver could not be loaded. Please make sure your audio hardware is connected correctly to your computer.”

If i select option Steinberg UR22mkII (2) cubase opens but i get no sound - nothing registering in the meter’s - if i change asio to built in audio meters come alive and sound is heard through mac speakeers…

Cubase Artist 10
yamaha usb 1.10.5 (although shows as 1.10.4 via mac system report)
OSX 10.15.1

I notice your screen shot of System>Sounds the device doesn’t show type? which as stated above is the same state i get when i try launch cubase or the preference pane (yamaha usb driver control panel)

Agreed with previous question. Definitely the same problem. Driver (and sound) disappears right after the Logic X Pro launched

Agreed with Kozivara and Stankane. Driver (and sound) disappears right after the GarageBand launched.

Guys - see my ‘update’ post here

not sure if that will work for you too?

@stankane: Not sure what mean you by playback?

I have audio in Cubase 10 Pro in VST’s, yes. I recorded something in C10 (10.0.50) with Roland’s Juno 106 VST just now and it will play back afterwards just fine…

EDIT: I see what you mean, I didn’t read your post thoroughly. I also notice that you have two instances of the soundcard (one with USB, one without). I have only one.
What is it listed as under About this Mac -> System Report -> USB devices?

See the attached screenshot for mine

Hi, yeah @lerxst that’s what I meant did you hear audio during playback…

Not on or near Mac right now but I’ll check, id assume only one would be listed but I’ll check.


EDIT: Sys report only shows 1 UR22mkII listed
Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 13.44.23.png
yet system>sound

shows 2

anyway - i noted on another thread someone mentioning steinberg have removed v1.05 of the driver from being downloadable now too (shows 1.04 as the latest available now) - and the ‘hardware’ predicted update for this is Nov 2019… so hopefully they won’t be long in delivering this update.