Yes yes, another feature request - Export Marker Track


Went out and got C5 so now I am waiting on the upgrade, I didn’t get much time to work on C6 (I actually duded my trial silly me).

Maybe I’m not looking in the right place but is there any way to export markers, for example in XML format so you can re order them?

I find that by making the start time of a Cycle Marker just before another one I can change the order of markers but this is not “programmatic” so figured an XML file would allow me to see the markers in the code and I could re-order them similar to the files exported by the Generic Remote page.

Cheers shoppers

Part 2 of my feature request…

I’d like to be able to shift + click two Cycle Markers which are in sequence and have the locators encompass the “cumulative” timeframe.

Is this possible in any way, shape or form?

Would be very useful (at least for me).