Yesterday's Download Access Code Not Working

I bought Cubase last night, and didn’t had the time to download everything then. Now today I come back and my download code doesn’t work.

I can’t find any help topics/articles talking about this super simple problem.

Please help, thanks so much!


Did you enter your code anywhere yesterday?

Yes. My new PC may be the problem, the download code works on my old Mac.

On my PC it says “download code does not exist” 404

I should clarify that I successfully used the download code on my new PC last night.

Just tried the activation code on my PC and it directed me to log in and then took me straight back to the enter code page where I was…

If you have already entered the activation code, then your eLicenser dongle should have been updated with your new license (i.e. Cubase). You should be able to see that license if you open the eLicenser Control Center app.

If that is there, you don’t need to enter your activation code anymore to continue downloading and installing and using all of the other parts of Cubase.

To clarify - the “Enter your Download Access Code” field of the Steinberg Download Assistant is always in the first window, even when you don’t need it. You should just be able to click to Cubase and from there to the version you are licensed for, and go ahead and download, install, etc.

Thanks very much for the speedy help Nico5, it was just some nube stuff on my end.

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Hi Again Nico5 or anyone

Still having trouble. When I try open Cubase it says “No valid License found. The program will quit now.”

I used your previous instructions of going into the eLicenser Control Centre app, but when I copied in the Activation Code is said " The Activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license. Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code."

I’m trying to do that now, and my general aptitude may not be helping me so much, all I’m really good at is throwing my patience at things…

what does it say on the elicencer control centre ? it should show the licences that are on it ?

I’m on the My Products page. Is it on one of these tabs - software - hardward - elicenser - downloads

elicenser - but you should also have the elicenser software installed on your PC ?

If I need the elicenser software installed then I’ll have to learn what that is…

so it is necessary yes?

100% - it’s the software that looks after the licences - it should have installed when you installed cubase

which version of cubase 11 do you have ?

So go onto the software tab and download that yes?

it ‘should’ be installed

Maybe I do have it installed, this looks very familiar…

Brand new Cubase Elements

ok - so elements doesn’t use the dongle (If I remember correctly) but it stills needs the elicencer software installed

what did it say on your MySteinberg elicenser page ? - did it show a licence ?