Yet another condensing issue

I am editing an 18th-century symphony where the two hornists play with D crooks for three of the four movements and G horns for the slow movement. I have created two players and assigned each a D and a G horn to play. Condensing works fine in the movements where they play in D, but in the slow movement, they will not condense no matter what I do. I have tried everything: changing the notation settings, creating manual condensing groups, deleting and re-adding the instruments. I have even created a new file with just the slow movement (i.e., without D horns at all) and pasted the whole movement into it. That one did condense, which tells me that the multi-instrument setup is to blame. I tried to just use this new file and paste in the other movements. Adding the D horns did not create an issue, but pasting in the musical content from the first movement did cause the slow movement G horns to un-condense again.

I am attaching a chopped-down version of the first movement and the full second movement in the hopes that this can be saved. Since the last stages of editing a big project like this includes lots of proofreading and little tweaks, a work-around with two different files is not an option I want to pursue. Thanks for your help!
A. Reicha Symphony (abbreviated).dorico (3.8 MB)

Don’t look further. Dorico only condenses the first instruments held by the players. You will need to add two other Horn players if you want that second instrument to condense. You’ll need to manually add the instrument changes labels and so on, but still very doable.
Of course, it’s probably clearly written out in the manual by now (I’m quite confident I must be amongst the two first users to have complained about this, like five years ago… :sweat_smile:)
See the first note here.

How bizarre! That at least suggests a decent workaround. For the purposes of part layouts I can keep the instruments as is, but then create an all new score layout with the horns treated as separate instruments. Is that what you usually do?

I would keep the D and G horns in separate players altogether. You can create layouts that have a D and a G horn in each of the two Horn Players’ layout.

Then remove the D horns from the flows where they do not play and the G horns from the flows where they do not play. That will allow the different horns to appear where they should in parts and score.

(I suggest you work this out on a copy of your file just to be sure you do not remove the horn notes by mistake.)

sampleProject.dorico (541.7 KB)