Yet another condensing question

With the default settings, why do I need a manual condensing change (1.2. up-stem, 3.4. down-stem) to get these horns to condense on to one staff? Seems like this is a pretty easy condensing problem that Dorico usually solves on its own.

Any insight appreciated!

Horn condensing.dorico (980.7 KB)

Because the rhythm difference between Hns 3 & 4 in measure 1 throws Dorico a curve ball?

Firstly, nothing is easy about condensing. It is a complex and difficult feature to implement.

On the surface, it seems Dorico will, by default, only condense more than two voices if all rhythms are identical.

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Thanks for the replies.

@Derrek: Yup, that’s the culprit. @Craig_F: I can’t imagine the math behind these condensing algorithms :exploding_head: And I’ll never take auto-condensing for granted, it’s a complete game changer for my workflow.

For better or worse, I’ve been finding myself lately having to futz a lot with condensing changes when it comes to writing like this (3 or 4 parts when some notes sustain while others shift).

Just as there are options for how much to tolerate pitch crossing, I wonder if, in the future, there could be options for how much to tolerate the splitting of held notes, as in the bottom line of the example above?