Yet another Q re: saveing mixer layout ..

OK, I’m still constantly re setting my plugin view, channel show in the mixer when using similar projects.
And No >> workplaces do not understand mixer layout . How and where do I go to save what I’d like to see and my plugin slots configuration in the Nuendo 7 mixer ??
Say…a simple few stereo track mix to a stereo output bus with one limiter plugin on master ?
If I call my simple bounce/export workplace out…all new audio channels and all mixer plugins slots show up :confused:

I know…I must have missed the obvious “somewhere”…

thanx guys,

I’m not sure I understand the question…

Right…sorry , had a very long day;
How can I save a mixer view (channels shown/ plugins slots displayed ) independent of workplaces and templates and IO settings ?

Better ?
Thanx :slight_smile:

So that sounds like “configurations” to me, and as far as I can recall you can’t save them outside of projects. In other words you’d have to set them up in templates to get them ‘across’ different projects, assuming you’re creating new ones from templates.

Also, the one thing to do I’ve noticed is to assign key commands to update the configs, since just adding a new track sort of messes things up a bit. From that standpoint it’s almost better to have too many tracks where you end up deleting the ones you don’t need, since you don’t have to update your config because of deleted tracks…

Does that sort of address what you meant?.. (I’ve had too little sleep + coffee recently… that’s why I’m being “thick” here…)

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: no man…all good and thanx. Nuendo’s mixer handling is over complicated, way too deep for no reason IMHO.
[…forget da java…go for single malt :astonished: ]

Trust me, if I’ve had too little coffee and too little sleep the single malt will make me super-happy… and put me right to sleep!

I actually don’t really have an issue with what you’re describing… I think. It’s a matter of getting used to working with templates, just like in PT. Although I agree that perhaps it’d be nice to be able to import those layouts or something. But I think the basic premise might be logical: Some aspects are better suited to be stored/recalled on a global level, and others on a per-project level. I’m not sure there’s a good solution out there for different scenarios, since all it takes is saving a set of tracks in the mixer and then opening a different project with a completely different track layout and finding that your recall doesn’t recall what you want (because it’s recalling from a different set of tracks).

My personal bigger issues are rooted in window management and focus. Without easy consistent logical behavior of windows key-commands are essentially out when used in macros. And there’s also some inconsistency when using “Agents” between mixer and project windows, for no apparent reason actually. Those things affect me far more I feel.

But that’s just me though…