I wasn’t going to upgrade because I didn’t think the new features were worth it and eventually 11 will be discounted anyway.

From what I am reading here there seem to be other reasons not to take the plunge - like clobbering the platform.

Sorry to hear about all the folks who are having installation issues.

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You are wise, we are foolish, Steinberg are Incompetent…they should refund everyone…

DO NOT UPGRADE - For £85 this is what you get

Honestly I’m even frightened to bring up 10.5 now for fear of what the license servers are doing.

Im hoping I can keep 10.5 running for many years to come, because as it stands now I will not be buying another major or minor update from steinberg until numerous issues are resolved.

Ill be like those 3.1 holdouts today, but it will be the year 2030 and I’ll be running windows10 in a sandbox with cubase 10.5 inside - still unable to use hyperthreading of course.

Same here