Yo peeps, I'm having trouble importing a .xml file into Dorico Elements 3

Okay, so I have Dorico Elements 3 on my home PC, and Sibelius 7.5 on my school computer, and so in order to transport a score I’m doing at the moment, I’ve got to export into .xml from Dorico, and then import it into Sibelius at school. That all works fine without a hitch, but when I try and go the other way, exporting to .xml from Sib and them trying to import it into Dorico, Dorico has a hissy fit and tells me it can’t load it because it’s an ‘invalid file format’. I can’t go back to Sibelius and re-export it because I can’t get to my school computer until Monday, but I would like to be able to do some work on it at home before then, is there any way I can fix this? (P.S, sorry for the long post, I just couldn’t work out how to condense it down)

Hello aksargige4 and welcome to the forum! This might not be the answer that you’re looking for, but depending on the complexity of the score you’re doing, it might not be the best idea to translate the file back and forth into MusicXML, since some musical data will be lost. For instance, Dorico won’t import technique text.
I’ve done some XML imports from Sibelius 7.5 in the past without problem. I can try to do the export for you if that helps.

Dear Lucas,
According to the history version p.46 “Dorico now imports text-based playing techniques from MusicXML files, allowing instructions such as pizz. and arco to be imported automatically.”
Dear aksargige4,
I agree with Lucas that different import-exports might damage the musical contents of your file… but it’s still better than nothing, until you can get your hands back on Sibelius. Have you tried using MuseScore as xml importer and then export it to Dorico? Not sure it will work, but at least it’s free !

Oops! I thought having read recently otherwise in the forum, but it might have been an old thread or before 3.5. Sorry!