Yor Licence is invalid

I get “your licence is invalid” on the connect performer log-in attempt. My log in credentials are fine, my C10 pro on the other computer is fine, my MySteinberg account is fine, so what “licence” is it talking about? I have performer pro on the receiving computer, which is brand new and bang up to date and shows up fine in the VST cloud menu so what is this VERY awkward and user un-friendly application actually complaining about?
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance :confused:

It should work given Performer has a valid mySteinberg account. Can you login to VST Transit?
Anyway, meanwhile you can use the connect via ID method instead, click the ID button and pass the provided number to the Performer to enter and connect.

Thanks for the reply.
What do you mean by “performer has a valid MySteinberg account”?
I have a valid MySteinberg account and all my Cubase stuff is registered etc, but in the licences section I don’t see anything for Performer.
Does it matter whether the performer is connected via e-mail or ethernet?
The computers are both on the same network (Hence Performer Pro), and I got my Ipad working eventually, but not my laptop. (Not trying to do them at the same time bye the way)

“connected via e-mail” - I don’t understand that?

The performer app supports both VST Connect SE and VST Connect PRO plugin versions, so there is no Performer PRO version as such.

If you have purchased the VST Connect PRO plugin and work on the same LAN, once Cubase is up and running just click the LAN button in the Performer login section; do not login to mySteinberg on either side. If you don’t have a PRO plugin you cannot connect within a local network.

For the WAN case (via internet): The login function connects to mySteinberg, and both sides must be logged in and thus both sides must have registered with mySteinberg. But you can also use the ID button as described before. All this is not necessary for a local connection with the PRO version.

Yes I’m not surprised. “Connected by e-mail”??? I mean connected by wi-fi !!!
And not Performer Pro, but Connect Pro!!!
Perhaps I should ask the right question and put the right info in.

I have the Pro plug-in and am trying to connect via LAN, and my iPad seems to connect OK, but not my Laptop.
Do you think that the fact that the Laptop also has Cubase 10 installed (although not running at the time I am trying to connect performer, and with no e-licencer attached) could somehow be causing a problem?
Thanks for your help.

If Cubase isn’t running, it certainly cannot interfere.
So what exactly happens (or doesn’t)? I assume both systems running Windows?
Does the green LAN button get lit when Cubase is running on the same network?
Any more information?