Yosemite Anybody?

Has anyone gone Yosemite yet - if so, are you having graphics problems like me?

Any UAD or Audioease plugin (those are the only problems so far… Waves are fine) will not close, rather it leaves a black box the size of the plugin editor on the screen.

Oh and a lot more crashes too


Just found one other thing - ‘Bounce Audio’ makes it crash

According to their website, NI are having problems with some of their plugs.
Haven’t been brave enough to try it myself.


I guess no one learned their lesson from the trainwreck that was Mavericks? :laughing:

Heads up

Nearly everything, bar playing and recording makes it crash, N6.5 is worse than N6, gone back to N6 for less crashes, but still pretty bad.

I fear, I’ll be back to Mavericks soon!