Yosemite installer does not see my Elek Drums image mounted

Hi there,

I experience a problem with my new machine on Mac OS X Yosemite.
I’m currently installing all my plugins / VST instruments that were installed on my previous machine.
Everything looks good so far, expected the installation of my instrument set “Elek Drums”.

First, I tried to install it the classic way, and experienced an issue. Then, I remembered about the “Installer tool for Yosemite”, so I tried it.
I followed the instructions:

  • Mount Elek Drums DMG image, without installing it.
  • Mount the Yosemite installer
  • Launch the Yosemite installer

But, I got this message (in french): “Impossible de trouver de produits Steinberg”, which can be translated like “Unable to find Steinberg products” …

Did someone already have this issue, and know how to solve it?

Many thanks for your help!


Please download the content installer again using the link below:


The VST Sound Instrument Sets are compatible with Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite and do not require the special Yosemite installer application.

Thank you,

Hello Joshua,

Thanks for your answer, and for the download link.

So, I tried to install it without the “Installer tool for Yosemite”. But, I also got a error message during the installation, still a different one. Indeed, it looks like your Elek Drums installer does not recognize the correct version of my OS, because it says something like: “Wrong OS version: only compatible from Mac OS 10.6.0” (whereas I’m in 10.10.3).

So I tried the “Installer tool for Yosemite” again with your installer… and this time, the Elek Drums installer was correctly recognized by the tool! So I was finally able to install Elek Drums without any problem by this way.



My apologies for any confusion but some of the VST Sound Instrument Sets do need to use the Special Yosemite installer application.

Thank you,