Yosemite Support...any time frame?

Any idea as to when we might see a Yosemite update for WL8.5?

Aloha a,

Yosemite (Mac OSX 10/10.0) it looks like all of Steiny’s products are on hold; at least for now.

Good Luck!

Saw this, yes, but I know they’re working on an update as they always do. Just wondering if there was any news on it’s whereabouts ; )

I have Yosemite running for more than two weeks now, and Wavelab 8.5 running also. Also Cubase 7.5.3, and till now no hickups, no errors, no problems. Already done a project only in Yosemite (in Cubase - 62 tracks, 14 busses, inserts, a lot of channel strips) and not one single problem. Exported that project, open in Wavelab 8.5, did a mastering session, export to several kind of compressed files (used the new batch enconder for that, including creating a Watch folder), and also nothing failed.
As i said in another post, my iMac is not a “new kid on the block”, but an early 2008 version 24", Dual core, with 4 Gb of RAM. Never did a fresh install, only updates/updgrades from Tiger to now in Yosemite. Besides that i have Waves V9 running (with the new r22) and all’s well.
One thing i really love in Wavelab 8.5 is the measuring of loudness, i think that was made by the A2C guys…

(By the way i’s just a user not a SB guy or even remotely close… just in case anyone thinks why i speak so good for SB stuff…and they don’t pay me as well :slight_smile: )

Who are the A2C guys?

Aloah a,
and thanks for the report.

Still waiting here on some 3rd party drivers etc,

Thanks again.