Yosemite support update


Its February. Any clue of the date for update?


I’m wondering the same thing!


I’m hoping it’s realllllly soon.

The update will follow soon and it should offer compatibility with OS X Yosemite.

Any update on when we’ll see v7?

I have heard about some details, but the official release date has not been revealed yet. So I can’t offer you any details at the moment. I’m sorry for that.

Hmmm don’t like that word “should”…!

It’s working quite well on 1095, so I do not really care that much. Until AVOID update the Eucon drivers to work with Yosy I won’t jump to 10.10.
Apple does major updates of OSX much too frequently for pro users.

Nuendo has some issues in Yosemite, making it unworkable sometimes.

update coming soon?


a new Nuendo 6.5 update providing full Yosemite compatibility and extensive product maintenance
will be available within the next 10 days.


Awesome news! Thanks Timo

Tanx for the info guys!

That’s awesome!!

Timo, any news for us? Thanks!

Hello all,

it is planned for end of this week!
Nuendo 6.5.40 will provide full Yosemite compatibility as well as many further
fixes related to program stability, plug-ins, performance, MixConsole, AAF and more.


Will there be a Yosemite update for 6.07 ?

The update to 6.5.40 is available now:

There won’t be an update for 6.0.7 anymore, sorry!

That is an impressive list of bug fixes!