Yosemite support update

Middle mouse button is back on OS X!
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So far so good… all the little crashes have stopped on Yosemite! Fantastic!!

Well, I’ve tried this with Yosemite on a cloned drive, and it’s a nightmare. Sessions refuse to load, eLicenser crashes (wavelab) when logging off and back in. Eucon faders not reacting. Far too many problems in the first 2 hrs of playing.

Back to the other HD.

Okay, I gave it a second try now that AVOID have updated the EuCon software.

I had problems with sessions that used guitar rig did not load anymore. And guess who’s caused the problem?
If ProStools is installed on the system a faulty audio driver (avid core audio) will prevent the plugin from loading…

Just in case it helps…

What EuCon version do you have?

I have updated to 3.2.2. and it seems to be OKAY on OS X 10.3
As I mentioned as well if you have ProStools and GuitarRig installed you will need to delete the AVID core audio driver from your system or the NI stuff will refuse to load.


C8 and N6.5 are unworkable here. The official word is that Yosemite should work fine.

What issues do you have?