Yosemite :-)

Apple will be releasing there latest OSX soon and was wondering if Steinberg has managed to get there hands on the latest Beta for testing?

If they did, they would’ve only have had it a week…

Here we (Mac users) go again!

I think Yosemite will cause problems for us… at least more than Mavericks did… looks like Apple made a number of changes under the hood, and I wouldn’t be surprised if complex apps like Cubase will be broken out of the gate. I can almost guarantee other big DAW apps will also be broken. :frowning: I hope I’m wrong. In any case, I’m planning on sticking with Mavericks for at least 6 months after Yosemite is released. No way I’m playing beta tester on this one… looks pretty, but I don’t see something that will improve how a DAW is used…

Broken out of the gate!

Good news is, OS X 10.10 Yosemite is quite nice and Im loving the direction they are going.


Im not so sure also. I had mavericks and I hated it mainly because the quick look function was broken and even after a few updates was never repaired so after much soul searching I went back to Mountain lion-something Ive never done as a mac lover-and there I’ll stay till they’ve got things sorted :slight_smile:

One big difference is that this time anyone, including YOU, can join the beta testing program:

So why wait for for Steinberg? Get a beta copy, when it becomes available, and see what problems crop up on your system. Then you’ll even get the opportunity to do something about them.

I too look forward to a better Cubase intergration within OS X 10.10 Yosemite then the switch was with Mavericks.

Lets hope Sternberg has made some leaps into a solid, pro active, test paradigm to redeem the end users good faith.

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here here!

In words… come and be a steinber’s beta tester but for free?. I thing steinberg should give free licence of cubase for that kind of jobs… I’m wrong? :slight_smile:. Until now I can see slow upgrades until people discover bugs. Probably is the same policy of Avid or Digital Performer, but not for Logic. Apple offer a free osx to test the apps because they ask a service from you. I’ve finally got my 7.5 licence upgrading my 6.5 but the new version still not perform like 6.5 under osx 10.7 where should be incredible rock solid after 2 years of developing. Crash with 3rd parts plugs, problems with scores, and mixer time loss with click click click, preset not always saved right, and fx external interface still on cubase 5 era, vst instruments track big and unuseful. I really like the new mixer organisation but not the design with spaces lost, I don’t know the others but I don’t use the new plugs, or the new vst intruements. Compatibility with old songs is also terrible. Now i’ve payed, now I’ve cubase 7.5, and when I see someone says “get the opportunity to do something” makes me so sad.

Hell yeah, I played the guinea pig this week and i can tell you 2 things about this ( I am a registered Apple Developer btw).

  • 7.5.(2.0) installer does not work on Yosemite (So had to reinstall 10.9.3 (+ install Cubase 7.5.2 there) + then upgrade to 10.10 dp1)

  • Although the installer is not working , after upgrading a 10.9.3 with cubase 7.5.2 installed, it runs perfectly here. I am seeing a little less cpu usage and my projects seem to load faster. All plugins (+installers) work in 10.10.

My system:
MacPro 2008 8-core, 8gb ram, Apricorn solo x2 (sata3 interface with 2x250 samsung SSD 840 in Raid0) ,RME Fireface 400.

Hmm, glad to see you got it working.

Cubase for me loads and hangs right were the transport appears (no audio input signal movement) and locks for a force quit. Did exactly the same install method as what you did for your success. I did remove the Steiny HUB so that might be the culprit.

Also an apple developer.


Future looks bright.

Tanx for those reports guys./

Hi Mac Users,

Any current news on getting Cubase working in Yosemite OS X 10.10? I’ve tried already alot to correct the loading issue cubase has with 0 success. Mavericks runs fine, previously installed. Jumping from 10.9.3 to 10.10 Yosemite breaks cubase for me.

If you notice all level inputs, midi, and any UI activity is non existent on loadup. Also why was this thread put in the lounge section? This seems like a very important topic for mac end users, being the next OS release.

Any thoughts or suggestions always welcome.


Hi Scott,

Did you try to clean the kernelcache after upgrading from 10.9.3 ?

It’s located @ /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/kernelcache (just that file, move it to trash & reboot).


I keep getting these in osx console: Eventually my whole mac freezes up.

7/26/14 3:38:35.637 AM Nuendo 6.5[582]: Error: this application, or a library it uses, has passed an invalid numeric value (NaN, or not-a-number) to CoreGraphics API. This is a serious error and contributes to an overall degradation of system stability and reliability. This notice is a courtesy: please fix this problem. It will become a fatal error in an upcoming update.

Could as well be as hardware issue : http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=58819

I suspect its a change in the OS… None of these happened same hardware but swapped out the OS… NOTE i think 6.0x has been doing that as well sadly… SO what ever the bug is i think its new. Might even be Nvidia’s fault for all i know.